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quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2008

E aqui os verdadeiros budistas mostram sua face

Times of India
April 14, 2008

NEW DELHI (IANS) - As the Beijing Olympics torch relay takes place in the capital on Thursday, protesting Tibetans will run a parallel torch relay for a “free Tibet” on the other side of the city at the same time.

To be run from Rajghat to the Jantar Mantar observatory, the Tibetan torch relay will have an estimated participation of nearly 5,000 people, its organisers claim.

Tseten Norbu, of the Tibetan Solidarity Committee (TSC) that is organizing the relay and other anti-China protests, said that the “other torch relay” will be run to protest “Chinese atrocities in Tibet”.

“Nearly 5,000 people, both Indians and Tibetans, will take part in the Tibetan torch relay to protest against the Chinese atrocities in Tibet and to protest against the Beijing Olympics torch relay here,” Norbu said.

“Among the Indians, well known writer Arundhati Roy (winner of the Booker prize) and politician George Fernandes (former defence minister and socialist leader) will take part in the relay,” he added.